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ypm-hakkinda-istABOUT US

YYPM founded in 1970 by engineers and architects who were full of enthusiasim to design and construct the most difficult, esthetic projects with most economic costs to the clients. Following 47 years, we carry the proud of having the same excitement together with experience in design and execution of remarkable projects completed. Within this 35 years, we have started by giving service as A&E, consultant and Project Management company for mass housing, touristic facilities; industrial and administrative buildings hospital projects in İstanbul and major cities in Turkey.

With a new structure in 1974 the company moved in to the field of general contracting in housing and turnkey projects, The year 1977 started with a big jump due to signing contracts with Ministries and Public agencies in Turkey, and 3 projects of the Ministry of Defense were started and completed in the same year.

By renewing himself continously to be adapted to rapidly changing technological and economical developments, YPM today has affiliated companies and branch offices in countries like Poland, Bulgaria and Kazakhstan. Main field of activities are;

  • Prestigious and mass housing,
  • Industrial buildings,
  • Administrative buildings,
  • Touristic and sport facilities,
  • Infrustructure,
  • Roads, bridges, overpass and underpasses for vehicles,
  • Ports and marine structures,
  • Recreational facilities,

YAPI PROJE MERKEZI, having technical background and self confidence gained in 35 years, carries the proud of beeing the first contractor in Turkey of technically complex projects like;

  • Olympic Iceskatin Hall,
  • Bread Factory with 100.000 daily capacity,
  • U-turn composite flyover

and fast track underpass and overpass projects completed within remarkable durations such as 60,70 days.

YYAPI PROJE MERKEZİ, which completed the Restructuring and Quality System documentation works in 2004, has been certified with the Standard of ISO 9001:2008. The System including all activity, has become  integrate with Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008 , Environmental Management System ISO 14001 , occupational Health and Safety Management System OHSAS 18001.

Having reliable management, experienced technical staff, hardworking and responsive manpower,modern machinery and equipment fleet YAPI PROJE MERKEZI is in the process of extending his activities in to the international arena by establishing affiliated companies and opening branch offices in and out of Turkey, it will be our proud to carry our name as a brand in to the international market in the very near future.