Quality Management


YAPI PROJE MERKEZI, as general contractor, has the following targets to meet the expectations of the clients.

  • Qualified production in accordance with legal regulations, contractual documents such as administrative and technical spesifications,
  • Following and implementing technological developments,
  • To keep effective the improvement activities to be in confirmty with changing expectations,
  • Continious training of company staff and subcontractors,
  • Effective and productive usage of company sources,

giving service with international standarts.


  • To improve and enlarge in local and international arena by taking into consideration the legal necessities and client satisfaction,
  • To establish lifetime continuity in effective.productive and contemporary management system supported by Quality Assurance Programme,
  • To establish business relations in which all partners,suppliers and customers win,
  • To catch a dynamic structure to live forever,
  • To be in compliance with developing International Quality Management Systems.